Gas Seals

AESSEAL has invested heavily in the development of Gas Seal Technology, that we believe will revolutionise the industry.   

This has produced a range of Compressor Dry Gas Seals and Pump Gas Seals. These seals have been designed and are manufactured using our unique modular system, which ensures product quality, continuity and reduced delivery times.  
The Gas Seal range has been developed to operate on the most challenging duties with high pressures, speeds and large diameters. Testing on new and current designs is carried out at our dedicated Gas Seal testing facility and this ensures that all our Gas Seal products will exceed your performance expectations


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CSS - Conventional Compressor Seal


Conventional Compressor Seal

The CCS™ is a tandem cartridge seal where the inboard seal is designed to seal up to 150 bar (2175 psi), and an outboard seal that acts as a low pressure tandem seal.

HHCS - Hydrostatic Hydrodynamic Compressor Seal


Hydrostatic Hydrodynamic Compressor Seal

AESSEAL® has unique patented hydrostatic and hydrodynamic Dry Gas Compressor seal technology, offering robust protection for the sealing surfaces during start-up, shutdown, slow roll and upset conditions.

Compressor Dry Gas Seal Systems

Dry Gas Seal Support Systems

High quality compressor dry gas seal support systems engineered to customer requirements for all seal configurations and applications

Mechanical Seal for Steam Turbines


Mechanical Seal for Steam Turbines

The STS mechanical seal has been developed in conjunction with a major oil refinery to replace existing carbon ring seals normally fitted to steam turbines.

Universal Dry Gas Seal


Universal Dry Gas Seal

Non-contacting, gas lift dual cartridge seal primarily designed for pumps (ANSI/DIN) providing practically zero process emissions in service.