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The extreme demands placed on equipment within the Oil and Gas industry require high standards of reliability, operational best practice and leading-edge technical expertise. These strict requirements make AESSEAL® the natural fit for the industry.

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Meet emission targets with low capital expenditure

Many plants face increasing pressure to upgrade old equipment, typically API610 Ed.5 to Ed.7 to conform to increasingly tighter emission legislation. This creates a considerable plant CapEx burden.
AESSEAL® can retrofit API682 qualification tested seal face technology to mature assets. This allows you to get world-class seal emission levels without replacing or modifying the old equipment.

Fix known fire and safety risks

The radial clearances between the counter-rotational parts in a Plan 23/52/53 seal are often reduced by seal suppliers so that conventional seal pumping rings can function. This carries well-documented safety risks, including danger to operators and the possibility of fire. 
AESSEAL® has world-leading bi-directional pumping ring technology which delivers exceptional flow while fully conforming to the best-practice radial clearances stated in API682 Ed.3 Section

Drastically reduce equipment failures from sand and waxy crude

Sand and waxy crude are major causes of mechanical seal failure during extraction and oil processing. The cause of failure is typically clogged seal springs positioned in the process media. Unfortunately nearly all API682 mechanical seals found on the market today share this design flaw.

AESSEAL® API seal designs have multiple springs that do not contact the process fluid. This eliminates all possibility of seal face hang-up or seal failure from spring clogging, significantly increasing mean-time between failure, even with high crude consistencies or solids content.

In addition to common-sense mechanical seal solutions, AESSEAL® offers a range of innovative Oil & Gas Seal Support Systems, from Plan 75: gas containment systems to Plan 53C: pressure tracking systems. We also manufacture bearing protection certified to IP66 and API610 Section 5.1.25 and refurbish any make of Dry Gas Seal to API617.

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